Thursday, April 22, 2010

my friends experiences

Reni, 28

“ I not prostitute, but I only working like this for short time because my husband have no job and we need to buy food for us and our children.
My husband have motorbike and he bring me to warung at place where trucks and buses and cars stop for toilet and for eat food.
There is many warung (kiosk) where people have food or coffe.
I only go there sometime and at night time more when its dark.
Before I go I wearing some sexy clothes and makeup so customer can guess that I am massage girl.
So I just drinking tea in warung and men come to chat with me, or sometime I walking around between the trucks so men see me and ask for me.
My husband wait for me in warung, he only come to help me if there trouble with customer.
I go inside the truck or car with driver, I ask man to wear condom but most men don’t want to.
I afraid to have condoms in my handbag becaust if police stop me and search me when they find condom in my bag they say its proof that I am prostitute.
For short time massage man’s penis I get paid 50 thousand rupiah or if he have sex with me also I get 100 thousand rupiah.
At beginning I try just only massage and no sex but almost all men ask for me rub their penis or to make love with them.
I often sad to work like this because I feel ashamed and men not respect me, they call me names like say I whore.
I only do this for time being until my husband find employment.
My auntie looking after our children when I go to work with my husband.
I not married to my husband, my real husband left me when our second child born, my present husband (boyfriend) promise we marry after we have enough money for wedding party.”

Ayu, 39.
“ I working before in club when I young, when I 25 my boss told me I too old to work there any longer.
Now I stay in kos ( rent flat) and evening I go to standing on street.
I know many men and they know where I stand at night.
Most men want young girls only, 13 to 25 year old.
My customer are men who know I willing to do anything that the young girl not agree to do.
Most my customer old men, 45 to 65 years old.
They want play siksa ( bdsm ) or pipisan ( golden shower ) or anal sex.
Some man pay me to watch, he push terung (vegetable) in my vagina or anal.
Another man pay for me if he can lick my feet.
I can get 300 thousand some nights, some nights I don’t get any customer.
I always like man have condom if they have sex with me but many men don’t want and they pay extra if I let them inside without condom.
I was married before, my parents made me marry when I was 14 years old and I divorce when I 15.”

Wati 30

My parents encourage me to make money before I marry, when I was 13 they said I go to live with my auntie in city.
My auntie let me sell teh botol, (bottled ice tea) on street at night to pay my school fee and to pay her money.
I sell tea bottles and men pay extra money to me if they can touching me.
Its like in park street and its dark and after the man pay me I let him fondle me little bit.
My auntie said I must not let them make love to me, only touching me.
I did not like my auntie and I run away with a man.
He was so nice and promise to buy me expensive clothes and get me good job in other city.
He did bring me to work in Panti Pijat ( massage house ) and he did sell my virginity to an old man.
He said I owe him money and I must continue to work there until I pay all my debts.
He left me there with Mamih ( female pimp ) and I continue to work like in sex industry.
At Ramadan I visit my parents house and I did lie and say I work in a restaurant as waitress.
When I was 17 I run away from there with another girl, we went to Jakarta together and tried to get job as pemandu lagu karaoke ( karaoke hostess )
We didn’t get job and we get anothet job in pantura ( truck stop ) as massage girls.
We work there for one year and then found woman who promise us job in Karaoke.
In karaoke men hire us as hostess to sing songs with them in private room.
Usualy they like to touch me everywhere and offer to pay me to have sex with them or some men only want I oral them or massage their penis.
Sometime the man or men bring me to hotel to sleep with them.
I could earn 100 to 400 thousand in one night, depend how many customer I had.
My boss did buy me sexy clothes to seduce customers.
Some foreign men use condom but most Indonesian men don’t want to use condom.
One of my colleague get very sick and she had to go and stay in hospital, but she didn’t have enough money to pay treatment so she couldn’t stay in hospital and she got sacked from work because she was sick.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why I write this blog

Before I married I did for many years work as prostitute in Indonesia, my home country.
My husband know of my past life and he encourage me to write about it.
I only brave to talk and share as I can remain anonymous.
I am not proud that I was prostitute before and I dont want my family and extended family ever to know of my past life.

I want to share my experience and that of my friends in the same sex industry in Indonesia so people, women and men who interested to help or understand the sex industry in Indonesia.
There are many problems, 90% of my friends I knew did not enter the industry by choice but had to due to circumstances they lived in.

Major problems are HIV and AIDS, not so bad as in some other countries but on raise as most customers, Indonesian men, dont want to use condom during sex.
They say it feel better without condom and are not educated enought to understand the risk of sexualy transmitted diseases.
Also if you are working as prostitute or "escort" there you dont have any rights, if you are abused and go to complain to police for example they dont take you seriously because you are only a whore.
I did become prostitute not by decission but it just happened that way.
In Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, prostitute is called:
Pelacur, Lonte, Perek, Pecun, Bispak, P.S.K. (pekerja seks komersial) or Wanita Tuna Susila.
They all not nice name to be called, similar to:
Whore, Escort, Slut, Courtesan, Tart in English.
I did have so many experience and my colleague in work also with whom I lived.
I write more later when I have time.